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Portable Solar Appliances Products

Perhaps you are looking for portable solar appliances products for your next travel, camping, hiking, outdoor activities or for home improvement, at Power and Solar we got you covered. We have a wide range of portable solar appliances products from solar lanterns, solar lights, solar chargers, solar power banks, solar backpacks, DC electronics, energy saving devices and many more. Our various designs of solar lanterns ranges from conventional solar lantern to modern type. Browse our website for various solar powered lanterns such as collapsible solar lanterns, wall mounted solar lanterns, mosquitoes killer solar lanterns and many more. We also have amazing solar backpack chargers. We call it all-in-one solution to your mobile phones, smartphones and other appliances running out of power. The integration of solar panels inside the backpack made it easy to charge your devices on the go. Each design is tested safe to use, comes with over charging protection and with anti theft facilities. Power Banks are of two types, solar power banks and AC storage power banks. You have the option to choose between the two. You can charge your solar power banks directly under the sunlight during the day to store up the energy needed to charge your devices when required. But for AC power banks, just plug directly to AC outlets to charge and you have your power storage to take along with you on your next trip.

Other Portable Solar Appliances Products

We have other solar appliances products including the solar water heaters, solar shower bags, solar car tire monitors, solar toys and collections and many more. We now deliver our products to almost every country in the world and even with free delivery on many of our products.

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